Performative Music Art

The Fate of Indigo Pilot Six - a play with music [2018]

INSIDE SEWING SOULS - one-person play/song [2018]

RALPHIE: A Musical Story - one-person storytelling performance [2018]

Through The Night - one-person existential mini-musical [2017]

Songwriting (Live Band)

Derick Evans (8-piece band), Live at Sugar City - full live set [2019]

Derick Evans (10-piece band), Live at Flying Bison - full live set [2018]

Derick Evans (5-piece band), Live at Dreamland - full live album [2017]

Songwriting (Recordings)

Songs from Last Thursday - full EP [2018]

Holiday Slump - song [2017]

Bright Head EP - full EP [2017]

Saturn - instrumental [2017]

Thank Myself - song [2017]

Chamber Music

ieat orange version 1 for fixed media [2019]

SEMINAR for flute, violin, clarinet, cello and percussion [2017]

ISAIDSEPARATION for chamber ensemble and improvising trumpet [2017]

Suplex Forever for piano, sax, electric guitar, and percussion [2017]

On Lotusland for double bass and harp [2015]

GILA for chamber ensemble [2015]

O Midnight for chamber ensemble and singer [2015]

Museo-Punk for guitar quartet [2014]


Fulfilling Penumbra: an audio drama - album [2019]

Film and Commercial Music

Fight Before The Fight (dir. Chris Cegielski) - film vignette [2018]

TouchNote Gallery Frames (dir. Chris Cegielski) - online promo [2018]

Portraits: Ricky (dir. Chris Cegielski) - film vignette [2017]

Wings of America: BE KNOWN, part 1 (dir. Chris Cegielski) - promo [2017]

Wings of America: BE KNOWN, part 3 (dir. Chris Cegielski) - promo [2017]

Bloodlines (dir. Chris Cegielski) - short film [2015]


Love Songs by oliv [2018]

Other Projects (as active member)

Much Band

The Dream Beam Magic Team of Gold

The NicNik Bender

Faith No Morse Trio

The HowToGoos

The Nick and Derick Kid’s Show

The Northern Gordova State Department of Music Quintet