Fulfilling Penumbra: an audio drama - album [2019]

Performative Music Art

The Fate of Indigo Pilot Six - a play with music [2018]

INSIDE SEWING SOULS - one-person play/song [2018]

RALPHIE: A Musical Story - one-person storytelling performance [2018]

Through The Night - one-person existential mini-musical [2017]

Pop Music

Derick Evans Band, Live at Flying Bison - full live set [2018]

Songs from Last Thursday - full pop EP [2018]

Holiday Slump - pop song [2017]

Bright Head EP - full pop EP [2017]

Saturn - electronic track [2017]

Thank Myself - pop song [2017]

Live at Dreamland - full live album [2017]

Chamber Music

SEMINAR for flute, violin, clarinet, cello and percussion [2017]

ISAIDSEPARATION for chamber ensemble and improvising trumpet [2017]

Suplex Forever for piano, sax, electric guitar, and percussion [2017]

On Lotusland for double bass and harp [2015]

GILA for chamber ensemble [2015]

O Midnight for chamber ensemble and singer [2015]

Museo-Punk for guitar quartet [2014]

Film and Commercial Music

Fight Before The Fight - film vignette [2018] dir. Chris Cegielski

TouchNote Gallery Frames - online promo [2018] dir. Chris Cegielski

Portraits: Ricky - film vignette [2017] dir. Chris Cegielski

Wings of America: BE KNOWN, part 1 - promo [2017] dir. Chris Cegielski

Wings of America: BE KNOWN, part 3 - promo [2017] dir. Chris Cegielski

Bloodlines - short film [2015] dir. Chris Cegielski


Love Songs by oliv [2018]

Other Projects

Much Band

The NicNik Bender

Faith No Morse Trio

The HowToGoos

The Nick and Derick Kid’s Show

The Northern Gordova State Department of Music Quintet